Mcdonalds policy on employee dating

Over the course of his tirade, the man throws drinks, food, and containers behind the counter of the fast food restaurant One confused customer is heard saying: “Man, I don't know what is going on,”Another jokingly says: “Welcome to St Paul!

”The exact cause of the incident is unknown, but the man yells that he was treated “like s***” and demands to be given his “f***ing pay!

Fast food giant Mc Donald’s has been forced to remove its latest advert in the UK after upset TV viewers complained it “exploits childhood bereavement”.

Read more: Video: parrot won't stop reenacting owners' divorce Video: Two-year-old recites alphabet to heavy metal song Watch 84-year-old bowling grandma score a strike on first attempt Video: Semi-naked man fails miserably to start disco in Morrisons As the man shows no sign of calming, another worker repeatedly asks him to leave and warns that he’ll call the police.Fast food chain Mc Donald’s has treated connoisseurs of the humble chip by adding curly fries to some of its menus.Twister Fries were reportedly first unveiled in 2015 and proved so popular with customers that the company brought them back for a limited time in its outlets in Japan earlier this year.The curly fries have now appeared on menus in Singapore and Philippines.A spokesperson for Mc Donald’s told The Independent, however, that there were no plans to extend the offer to UK customers.

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