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Before you say anything, It’s not what it sounds like...The New York System Hot Wieners are Providence’s famous hot dogs that everyone loves.Though sex is omnipresent in American society, sex education has always been a controversial issue even with the concerning statistics: nearly 25 percent of college students have or have had an STI and those between the age of 15 and 24 contract nearly half of all new STIs.Yet not all universities believe sexual health resources are relevant and do what they can to stifle their students’ carnal desires.The next, you're carrying a sedated leopard in for his annual physical, says Joey Golden, a 24-year-old intern from Lincoln.Dozens of students apply for the five coveted internship positions at the zoo each semester, said Diane S.So get ready for some home-cooked lasagna and some serious family love.

— There is no typical workday for an animal-care intern at Roger Williams Park Zoo.The Seasons: Weatherwise, Providence is a great city to visit year-round, although summer tends to draw a few more tourists, and autumn and spring are quite pleasant for enjoying the city's abundant parks and green spaces, and also because the several colleges here have events and activities at this time.Average high-low temps are 37F/20F in Jan., 58F/39F in Apr., 83F/64F in July, and 63F/43F in Oct. The Location: Set at the confluence of where the Moshassuck and Providence rivers empty into Narragansett Bay, hilly and leafy Providence is situated in roughly in the center of tiny Rhode Island, the nation's smallest state.Homosexuality is also against the rules and an opinion article in the campus newspaper even asks people to “preserve society” by voting against gay rights and marriage.Other grounds for dismissal include using alcohol and drugs, gambling and viewing pornographe university has a strict dress code and also ensures all its students stay wholesome by requiring chaperones at all events where there are mixed groups of men and women.

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Here is CM’s list for the 10 most prude colleges: If there were "Thought Police" that could ban dirty minds, Bob Jones University would hire them.

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