Silverlight progress bar not updating

This blog post describes how to re-template the Silverlight Progress Bar control to render a circular progress indicator.

) to see how the state of these elements is updated in the to ones where the 'indicator' element has a width which is some proportion of its parent element. So what is so bad about creating your own circular progress indicator from scratch?The simple solution – always ensuring you set Value before Maximum is fine unless you’re using a Progress Bar in a less controlled environment – where for example you’re setting a ‘container’ with both values at the same time. The example I have is in a Data Template, I have a Data Template for a Busy Indicator, (specifically the Busy Content Template). As I was replacing the Busy Content wholesale, the order of the binding being set was outside of my control, so – how to go about it? They are asynchronous and in the case that you have they may not be updated at the exact time you need them. Maximum = j; int i; for (i = 0; i Hi Gal, The behavior that you are observing is due to our layouts.

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When programming on Silverlight it is quite common to create additional threads to handle background processing, client-server communication and similar non-interactive tasks.

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