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How you wish you could be in that person’s shoe, huh? As you know, he did say in every interview that he’s way too out of love.

A dream will always be a dream, unless your fate is to be with him. He’s been lonely for quite a very long time, or was it just a line to cover his privacy love life because you know how TH fans would be if he tells the world that he’s lovesick. For some of the psychotic fans who couldn’t accept the fact that one day, Bill will lead to a happy life with a very special person aside from his twin brother, Tom, they need to get over with the dreams, and snap back to reality!

The Tokio Hotel shows will treat fans to a live performance of hit songs like Monsoon or World Behind My Wall during upcoming performances in various cities including Detroit, Cincinnati and Cleveland.

After their debut album dropped in 2005, the band members quickly found themselves on a meteoric rise to fame, but four albums, hundreds of live performances around the world, and more than four years on the road had taken a toll on the 25-year-old artists.

We’d done so many albums over so many years and we’d been on the road for such a long time. That muse resulted in a new electronic-laden sound for the alternative rock band, which they carefully crafted over the next five years as they began putting together their fifth studio album, .

also known mononymously as Billy (stylized as BILLY) for his solo act, is a German singer, songwriter, voice actor, designer, and model.

was a favorite hot spot — then a jazz club called the Melody Room — where mobsters like Bugsy Siegel and Mickey Cohen could frequently be found.

It’s a location deep-seated in the storied history of Los Angeles, and tonight, lead singer Bill Kaulitz and the other members of Tokio Hotel have set out to make a historic moment of their own as they prepare to perform for the first time on the same stage where acts ranging from the Pussycat Dolls to rock royalty like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have gone before.

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