Updating firmware on dlink router

It was just flashing the WAN / Internet / global / earth light after power on, whether I was pressing the reset button or not...1.

The networking giant D-Link has acknowledged and committed to fixing a very serious backdoor vulnerability in a number of its older routers.

The attacker could pretty easily block user access to the router as well by changing the admin panel access password so that any malicious changes would be pretty difficult to undo.

Hackers might want to use this vulnerability to build a router-based botnet or just have internet access via other’s hotspot, adding one more security layer to protect their anonymity.

Reset your device using the button, send the firmware file through IE or FF and it should work, if it work, reset again and you should see that the firmware is updated and configure your modem and router..

How can i update router's firmware without using web interface ?

When you connect to the router at (use an Ethernet cable -- Wi Fi probably won't be working at that point, and it is not safe for loading firmware anyway), you should see a special admin page that allows you to load the firmware again. You can reload the 2.11 firmware or the previous version -- whichever you feel safer doing -- but unless your copy of the 2.11 firmware is corrupted, it is a good version (I have had no problems with it).Keep the reset button depressed, and after 30 seconds reconnect the power.Hold the reset button in for another 30 seconds before releasing it.Dir-645 emergency room firmware recovery mode is different.I finally fixed my router after a firmware update bricked it.

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Hat tip to D-Link for seeing that they had a serious vulnerability and initiating the process to fix it.

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